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8. ADDITIONAL RIGHTS CLEARANCES (Trademark, model, property, etc...)


1.1 What is stock photography?

Stock photography is photography that has already been produced and is available to be licensed for future use. Assuming you need professional-quality images, the alternative to using stock photography is commissioning a photographer to do a custom shoot, which is often cost prohibitive and takes a considerable amount of time to arrange and complete. With commission work, you run the risk of not getting what you were looking for. With stock photography, what you see is what you get - right away. Thanks to ever-increasing internet bandwidth, browsing and downloading stock photography is incredibly quick and easy. As budgets shrink and project timelines compress, the usefulness of stock photography intensifies.

1.2 How could I use stock photography in my business?

Our clients do not fit any particular mold, other than the fact that they need professionally produced transportation imagery faster and cheaper than they could get by commissioning a photographer. Our clients use Transtock images in:

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Company Websites (for both aesthetic and functional purposes)
  • Product Packaging
  • Editorial Pieces
  • Calendars
  • Textbooks
  • Brochures
  • Annual Reports
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Email campaigns
  • Customer Relationship Management tools

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list; there are many more ways you or your clients could benefit from licensing images from Transtock.

See our "Solutions" section for ways our product could serve your particular business.

1.3 After I make my payment, will I own the image?

No. We do not transfer ownership of images. You are paying for the privilege of legally using a copyrighted image for a certain period of time, and for a limited type of usage. The artistic creators of the images, our photographers, maintain ownership of their work and are granted protection under US copyright law. Likewise, until we receive payment in full for the appropriate licensing you are not permitted to use these images in any way.

1.4 How will I benefit from licensing stock photography from Transtock?

Our subject matter ‚ transportation ‚ is both capital and talent-intensive to photograph. You could shoot the vehicles yourself, and save some money, but the quality of the image will be readily apparent in terms of the subject matter, lighting, retouching, pixel density, and overall effect. Even if you choose to commission a photographer for your job, all photographers are not equally capable of producing world-class transportation photography. We have compiled the work of the best transportation specialists in the world saving you a lot of time, money, and trouble. No need to reinvent the wheel.


2.1 Which browsers are compatible with

Netscape Navigator® version 4 and above, Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 4 and above, and the America Online® browser version 4 and above should be compatible with the site. Note for America Online users on Macintosh® computers: If you're using AOL version 3, Netscape Navigator version 3, or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3, you won't be able to reliably access the secure areas of our site. Please upgrade to AOL version 4 or above. If you're experiencing difficulties accessing certain areas, your computer may not be accepting cookies, or your system may be behind a corporate firewall, which can make accessing secure servers difficult. If you encounter problems, contact our technical support staff.

2.2 Does my browser need to accept cookies?

No. does not require the use of cookies however accepting cookies does make using the site more efficient for you. If you have cookies enabled and have chosen to save your username and password on your computer, the site will recognize you and you will not need to login each return visit.

2.3 Do I need to be able to make a secure connection to your site?

You may search for images without a secure connection; however, most of the pages on the site require a secure connection.

2.4 Do I need to turn off my pop-up blocker?

In some browsers you may need to turn off the pop-up blocker to view the rate calculator.


3.1 Why should I register?

Registering allows you to download free comps, create lightboxes, and license images. It is quick and easy.

3.2 How do I register?

Step 1: Click on the LOGIN button at the top of each(?) page. You will be asked for your user name and password.

Step 2: Click on the link that says: "Not a registered user?" You will be asked to select a user name and password and provide some additional information, including your e-mail address. Enter the required information.

Step 3: Check the box if you would like to receive updates, promotions or special deals from Transtock.

Step 4: Check the box if you would like your user name and password saved on your computer.

Step 5: Check the box if you agree to Transtock's terms and conditions. Click submit.

You will be asked to LOGIN before using the site. Enter your user name and password and begin!


4.1 How do I search for images?

Searching on our site requires an understanding of two functional areas:

1.) How our images are keyworded. This will give you a more precise idea of what vocabulary and nomenclature works on our search engine.

2.) How our search engine interprets your search request. This will help you understand what kind of syntax to use when structuring search requests.

How Our Images Are Keyworded

Transtock's image library is searchable by keywords we assign to each image. These keywords describe the image in the following ways:

Keyword categories

Transportation genre: (automotive, aviation, nautical, trains etc.)

Generic vehicle type: (truck, car, airplane, sailboat, passenger train etc.)

Manufacturer of vehicle shown: (Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, etc)

Country of origin (British, Japanese, South Korean, American, German, French, Italian etc.)

Model of vehicle shown: (Camry, Corvette, Mustang etc)

Model Year of Vehicle Shown: (2005, 1996,1971 etc)

Trim Level (EX, LX, SE etc)

Era of Vehicle Shown: (1960s, 1970s, etc)

Special Class of Vehicle Shown: (classic, concept car, etc)

Body style of vehicle shown: (wagon, sedan, coupe, etc)

Color of vehicle shown: (red, white, black etc.)

Angle of vehicle in shot: (front _, profile, interior etc.)

Camera Angle: (Point of View, overhead, detail, low angle)

Location shown: (beach, highway, forest, city etc)

Weather/Lighting: (sunny, overcast, studio etc.)

Motion description: (action, static)

Style of image: (Editorial, Advertising, or both)

Adjectives that describe objects shown: (muddy, rusty, wet etc.)

Image orientation: (horizontal, vertical, square, panoramic etc.)

Color scheme of image: (color, black and white, sepia)

Keyword Search

Keyword Search is the most effective way to search for what you want, as it gives you several parameters to choose from. This is for people who want to inch their way into the swimming pool comfortably and deliberately.

Our search feature also allows you to narrow your search once you've chosen a category. On the left had side of your screen there is a pull-down menu called "Narrow Your Search"

You can also narrow your search by clicking "Search Within Results" button and entering a new search term in the search box.

Browsing Featured Images

We have gathered a representative cross section of our library and placed them into featured collections to give you a taste of what we have. This is for the folks who watch other people get into the swimming pool before they jump in themselves. In this area of the site, we have done the searching for you.

How our Search Engine Interprets Your Request
When you enter a single keyword as a search term, for example, “truck” - the search engine combs through our entire image library to find any image that has a truck in it. If you enter a keyword that does not exist in our image library, such as “hang glider”, the search engine will look for that keyword, and produce no results. The best thing to do at this point is to enter a more general keyword, for instance, “aviation” and browse for images that fit your needs.

Searching for Combinations of Terms

Find ALL Words - Use AND between search terms to find images that contain ALL the words you type. Or just separate words with a space, which will be interpreted the same way.This tends to produce a limited number of results.
Using search words ‘motorcycle people’ will produce results containing images of both motorcycles AND people (in the same image).

Find ANY Words - Use OR between words to find images that contain any of your search words. This tends to produce a high volume of results.
Using search words ‘motorcycle OR people’ will produce results containing images of motorcycles OR images of people.

Exclude Certain Words - Use NOT before words that you want the system to exclude from your search. This function is particularly useful after an initial search produces a large number of results. Once your search results appear, try the “Search Within Results” feature and use the ‘NOT’ operator and a keyword that represents a cross section of images you do not want to see in the search results.
Using search words ‘motorcycle NOT dirt bike’ produces results containing images of every type of motorcycle we have, except dirt bikes.

Word Groupings - Use combinations of AND, OR, and NOT within a search, surrounding the words you want grouped together in parentheses. Note: Wildcards (*) and phrases can also be used with these types of searches.
Using search words ‘action AND (196* OR 197*)’ produces results containing images of moving vehicles from the 1960’s or 1970’s.

4.2 I got a null search result. What should I do to ensure I maximize my odds for getting results?

Tips to Avoid Null Search Results:
If your search includes a word that is not in the keyword database or is misspelled, the word will be ignored. For example, if you search for ‘Ford Explorer’, your search will not produce any results. A quick check and you will notice that Explorer only has one ‘r’. Enter ‘Ford Explorer’ and browse the results.

Anytime there are numbers at the end of the vehicle model you are looking for, stay as general as possible at first. If you are searching for an Infiniti M35, and the search comes up empty, try searching for an ‘Infiniti M*’ Using the wildcard asterisk to substitute for the model number will produce a broader range of results.

Keywording is somewhat subjective, since everyone looks at an image and describes the scene differently. We suggest you try several terms to describe the image you have in mind. Refer to our non-exhaustive keyword list in 4.1 of this FAQ to see how we keyword our images.

If you are still coming up empty handed, call us at 310.827.3440, and we’ll do the custom search for you -- for free.

4.3 Where do I search for images?

We offer several search methods: Quick Search, Keyword Search, or browsing specific pre-arranged Collections.

Quick Search
Located at the top of every page, the intent of the Quick Search is to enable you to search immediately. It is great for those who like to dive right into the swimming pool. Just type the word or words that your project requires, or your imagination is producing. If the initial search is unsuccessful, you will be taken to the keyword search section to refine your criteria.

Keyword Search

Keyword Search is the most effective way to search for what you want, as it gives you several parameters to choose from. This is for people who want to inch their way into the swimming pool comfortably and deliberately.

Our search feature also allows you to narrow your search once you've chosen a category. On the left hand side of your screen there is a pull-down menu called “Narrow Your Search”
You can also narrow your search by clicking “Search Within Results” button and entering a new search term in the search box.

Browsing Featured Images

We have gathered a representative cross section of our library and placed them into featured collections to give you a taste of what we have. This is for the folks who watch other people get into the swimming pool before they jump in themselves. In this area of the site, we have done the searching for you.

4.4 Why do you offer the choice between “Advertising Look” and “Editorial Look”?
Many art directors and graphic designers get frustrated with sleek, set-up advertising shots getting displayed right next to more spontaneous spectator-like or intentionally vanilla editorial shots. In an effort to make your life easier, we have segmented our images based on their “look.”

Advertising Look
These images are print advertising ready, and many have indeed been used in past advertisements. They are sleek, sexy, and just look like they had a high production cost.

Editorial Look
These images are less flashy and tend to focus more on substance than on style. If it looks like it was shot by or for the press, including the enthusiast press (Road & Track Magazine or Boating Magazine for example), it probably has the editorial look.
Keep in mind that these “looks” are not mutually exclusive categories. Some images are categorized as both. If the distinction between the look of the image is unhelpful to you, simply click “Either” and determine the style on your own.

4.5 If I like an image with an “Editorial Look,” am I limited to using it for Editorial use only?

No. The “look” of the image refers to its inherent style (when it is obvious), and does not speak to its potential use. You could certainly use an image with an “Editorial Look” for advertising. You could also use an image with an “Advertising Look” for editorial.

4.6 I am interested in using an image featuring a recognizable Formula One team and/or its recognizable driver. Can I use it for anything other than editorial purposes?

Yes, but not without contacting us first for a release. You would need to get a special release from the team/driver. In this case or any other similar case, we would be more than happy to do the legwork for you for a fee. Please contact us for further information.

4.8 What if I cannot find the image that I am looking for?

If you have searched the site and are unable to find the image that you are looking for, we wholeheartedly apologize. But the road does not end after a search leaves you empty-handed. When what you are really looking for eludes the search engine, our production and sales staff is here to help. It’s the equivalent of asking a salesperson at a retail store if they have any “more of these in the back.” Our friendly, eager staff will diligently search on your behalf.

Just call 310.827.3440, (866.399.6206 toll-free) or email us .


5.1 What is a lightbox?

A lightbox saves images of interest to you. The images in your lightbox become your personal collection at Transtock. It is easy to add, delete, read details and magnify images while viewing your lightbox. Our lightboxes have a unlimited image capacity. A lightbox allows you to view a pre-selected group of images and show them to a co-worker, editor or art director. Your lightbox saves everyone time.

Don't worry, placing images in a lightbox does not require any financial commitment on your part.

5.2 How do I create a lightbox?

As soon as you click "Add to lightbox" beneath an image, you create a lightbox. Every time you click "Add to lightbox" after the first time, you are adding to your lightbox.

5.3 Can I have more than one lightbox?

Yes. You can create as many lightboxes as you need.

5.4 Can I email my lightbox to a co-worker?

Yes. When you have your lightbox open, simple click on the "Email Lightbox" at the bottom of the screen.

5.5 Will my lightboxes carry over between my visits to

You can return to your lightboxes by clicking on "My Lightbox" at the top of the screen.


6.1 What does it mean to "license" an image?

When you license an image you purchase the right to use that image per the terms and conditions of the licensing contract. Every license Transtock grants has a time limit. There is never a permanent transfer of ownership with Transtock images.

6.3 What if the licensing specifications listed in the pricing matrix do not meet my requirements?

If your licensing specifications are not listed please call 310.827.3440 or e-mail email us and we'll be happy to assist you.

6.4 Do you offer bulk discounts?

Absolutely. Our sales staff are capable of granting discounts on a case-by-case basis. Your business is important to us. Please call 310.827.3440 to see if your order qualifies for a bulk discount.

6.6 How do I complete my purchase?

Purchase one or several images by following the steps below:

Step 1: View Cart

Collect the images you want to purchase in your shopping cart. When you have a final selection of images in your shopping cart, click on the VIEW CART DETAILS link. A page with your selected images, captions, photographers name and image availability will load.

Step 2: Calculate Licensing Fees

Calculate the licensing fees by selecting the usage type (ex. Corporate: Annual Reports), quantity (ex. 50,000-100,000) and size (ex. 1/2 page) of each image you want to purchase. After completing your selections, click the APPLY button to price the image. If your licensing specifications are not listed, please call 310.827.3440 or email us.

Step 3: Purchase

Once each image has been priced, click on the CHECKOUT button. You will be prompted to type in personal information (name, address, etc.) or verify the information in your personal profile. Then, enter your shipping and billing information, including a payment method and click the CONFIRM ORDER button. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you regarding your purchase.

Step 4: Getting Your Image(s)

Once your order has been confirmed, your images can be delivered to you in a variety of ways. You will be prompted to choose the method that meets your personal needs.

You can:

* Download the image directly from our site.

* Have the image e-mailed to you as an attachment.

* Have the image be sent by disk.

Step 5: Billing

Your account will be billed automatically via credit card or if your company is approved for purchase orders you will be billed via an invoice mailed to you.

6.7 How safe is it to put my credit card on your site?

We guard your information with same level of vigor that we protect our images and transaction data. We use the latest encryption technology to help ensure that your information is kept safe while in transit. You can learn more about security in our privacy policy.

6.8 May I use a Purchase Order instead of a credit card?

Yes. First, you must be approved by Transtock to make purchases using Purchase Orders. You'll need to fill out a credit application. Once approved, you will be given the option in the payment section to pay by purchase order. Our terms are NET 30. As a reminder, license to use our images is not granted until we receive full payment.


7.1 What formats are available?

We are a completely digital stock photography agency. All of our images are high-resolution. .

7.2 What is the resolution/quality of the imagery?

Images on the Transtock site were obtained in one of two ways. One method is original film scanned with a drum scanner that has a dynamic range of 4.2 or better. The other way is via professional digital SLR cameras with a minimum resolution of 8 megapixels and shot in the RAW format. All images on our site are a minimum of 60 megabytes (13x18 inches at 300 dpi) but many are over 100 megabytes (16x24 inches at 300 dpi). We use the Adobe RGB (1998) colorspace.

7.2 How large can I print your images?

In general our images can safely be enlarged to 125% of their original image size without affecting the quality. However, how large you can print a digital image will vary greatly on how you are outputting it, what your target resolution is and what kind of hardware you are outputting it with. The composition, sharpness and amount of detail in the image itself will also affect your output size. For more information you should consult directly with your printer or service bureau to find out the specific capabilities of the device you're working with.

7.3 Why are Transtock images in RGB format instead of CMYK?

Transtock images are meant to be as versatile as possible for the end user. When an RGB image is converted to CMYK, several parameters must be taken into consideration, including paper stock, four-color film output device, layout software programs used, types of inks used, and special effects intended by you, the designer. We don't want to make these decisions for you. We would rather you have the control in deciding exactly how your images are converted to CMYK.

7.4 How do I download a comp of an image?

Click and hold on the image.(Right click for PC users)

Select the "Save this Image As..." or "Download Image to disk" option from the pull-down menu that appears.

Choose the destination file where you want to save the image.

Click Save and the image will begin to download to the chosen location.

7.5 Are non-watermarked comps available?

Yes, you will be able to download low-resolution non-watermarked images once you have registered.

7.6 What about high-res comps?

Please contact us directly for obtaining high-resolution comps at 310.827.3440 or email us .

7.7 How do I download an image that I have purchased?

Once you have purchased an image you will be instructed how to download the image. If you experience any problems please contact us directly at 310.827.3440 or email us .

7.8 If I do not download off of the site, what other delivery    methods are available?

We can email the images to you which is the fastest method. Compressed as a JPEG, each image is around 5 megabytes which is small enough to email but may take a while to receive if you're on dial-up. We can also send you a CD-ROM disk via FEDEX, for which there are additional charges.


Note: The following questions and answers are provided in order to address some common concerns in layman's terms and do not constitute a legal position. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more detail and binding language.

8.1 I am going to use this image for advertising (non-editorial), and I notice that the vehicles depicted in the image bear obvious trademarks, does the licensing agreement cover me in this regard?

The Transtock licensing agreement deals with copyright licensing only, so no, the agreement does not "cover you" in this situation. In this case you would be responsible for making the decision whether you need to get a manufacturer release or not. If you feel you need a trademark or other type of release please contact us directly at 310.827.3440 or email us and we'll be happy to help you.

8.2 When is a trademark release from the manufacturer required?

A trademark release from the manufacturer is not required for editorial or educational uses. The images in our library are copyrighted by the original photographer but many images are of things that are trademarked by the  manufacturer that made the vehicle. Therefore, permission from the manufacturer for a trademark release might be necessary. Transtock has close contacts will all of the manufacturers and we can secure licensing for you. Most manufacturers do not charge a fee for licensing; they only want to make sure that the images of their vehicles are used in a positive way. Some, however, do charge a fee for licensing, and if you wish, we can negotiate these fees for you.

8.2 How long will it take to secure a trademark release?

That depends on the usage of the photo and the manufacturer involved. In some cases, we can obtain a release the same day, while others can take several weeks.

8. 3 Do I have to give a written credit to the photographer?

It's not required, but we request that the © copyright symbol, photographer's name and Transtock be applied to each image or in the credits. We may offer a licensing discount if it is shown.


9.1 How do you protect the privacy of the information I submit to you?

We do not share your personal information outside We do not sell or share email addresses with companies outside For a complete overview of how we protect your information, read our privacy policy.


10.1 How do I contact Transtock?

1601 N. Sepulveda Blvd #617
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
ph. 310.827.3440
fx. 310.943.2195


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